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What do you think whenever you heard of a word- Sari? Or which picture does your mind make after listening to the word- sari? Let us see the facts straightaway without telling much.

1. It is Not Just Indian Attire

If you think that sari is only popular in India, then you are wrong, as it is not limited to only one country. Sari is a traditional garment that is worn by many women in different countries. Including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

2. What Is Sari?

Sari is also spelled as saree, and it is traditional to wear which is hand-woven unstitched cloth. It is made up of natural material worn by expertly draping around the body. The most common length of sari cloth is around 3 meter, but the length of it can be customized depending upon how you intended to style it or if you are shorter or taller in height. Before sari’s ends are embroidered and woven in a way to be heavier so that it falls correctly when you wear it. But as the designers' mind evolving and customers’ choices are changing, you will find a sari that doesn’t have a heavy element in it and even they are not hand-woven.

3. There Are 100 ways to wear

Not 1, 2 or 3…, instead we have 100 ways to wear a sari. There is nothing to shock about, actually, the sari is just a long piece of cloth, so you can carry it as you want it to. There is not a particular way to wear a sari in the whole world. Also, there is nothing right or wrong in it, you can style it as you want. Even girls today experimenting with their blouses and petticoat as well. Forget that traditional small blouse, now you can carry your sari with a crop top or even with a sweatshirt.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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