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Google has been working on its new OS Fuchsia for the last 3 years, and we have seen the sneak-peeks of the development of the operating system since then. Previously, the company has come up with Android available for smartphones, tablets, Chrome OS available for the personal computers, and Wear OS for the wearable devices.

But this time they are working on an operating system that will run on any platform that is smartphones, tablets, personal computers, wearable devices and even embedded systems. This will definitely have a lot of scope for the company to connect and synchronize with the different devices as all of it will be completely supporting it.

The biggest difference between the previous Google operating systems, and Fuchsia is that it will be running on the Zircon kernel rather than the Linux kernel. Recently, Google has hired a senior Mac OS engineer Bill Stevenson, who was senior manager for Mac and Windows program management. The team was full of the engineers who had worked on the most popular OS, Android, and now it also includes a much experienced engineer from the iPhone and Mac Book making company.

Bill started his work at Apple as a Product Release Manager, then served as Senior Engineer Program Manager, and now works as a Senior Manager for Mac and Windows program. The role of Bill at Google is not clear yet, but as cloud integration is the strong zone of the engineer so maybe they will get him in that department because the new OS has a lot to do with the cloud. Bill Stevenson said “I’m excited to share that this February I will be joining Google to help bring a new operating system called Fuchsia to market. Stay tuned!”

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- Rajat Priyam
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