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When God was busy making the mankind, he thought what could bring joy in the world that I am designing; and that is when he discovered ‘Adrak Wali Chai' and 'Parle-G Biscoooot' (Dare not pronounce it as Biscuit)

My life has fallen so deeply in love with this duo that nowadays my biggest fear isn’t my HR telling me about the deductions to be made in my salary; it’s the ‘Tapri Wale Bhaiyya’ telling me that ‘Aaj Adrak Nahi Hai’. *Shivers Sent Down The Body*

It’s like telling me that there is no oxygen today, just manage through the day. Damn it! Who forgets to buy ‘Adrak’ when you get an idea that it is going to get finished?
And do you know who are the people I hate the most?
- People who combine Parle-G with Coffee!

Coupling Coffee and Parle-G is the most inhumane thing you can do in your god-damn life. It is like giving away Simran to Kuljeet instead of Raj.

Never ever separate ‘Adrak Chai’ and ‘Parle-G’, they are meant for each other just like:

Romeo and Juliet
Heer and Ranjha
Modiji and Camera (ok, sorry!)
I am not hailing praises over this duo, just for the heck of it; this duo deserves every bit of appreciation. You know when you dunk that ‘Biscooot’ in the piping hot ‘Chai’ and take the bite, the biscooot just melts in like anything. The aroma touches every corner of the mouth and it feels like you have taken a dive in a Narnia pool. That feeling is truly inexplicable.

Oh, I have written enough, feeling tired, got to make some ‘Adrak’ wonder!
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- Shivam
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