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Getting selected for an interview is a tough job; your skills are determined by a single A-4 size paper popularly known as Resume but you what is much tougher? Cracking that interview!
When you will reach the venue, it is common that anxiety will kick in like anything but you will need to stay still on your ground and maintain your confidence level. Here are 3 things that you should always be careful of when you are out for an interview:-

1). We plan a lot of things for the interview but everything goes in vain once we are placed in front of the interviewer, it is because of the nervousness that gets in our senses. Why does this nervous vibe surround us? Is it the fear of the man/woman who is sitting in front of us? But why would you fear someone who is as identical as you? The answer is that you fear of losing, you fear of not getting the job; so when you go for an interview, prepare yourself mentally that this isn’t the end of the world, even if you fail to get this job, there are still many people out there who would love to hire you.

2). Do not stop probing until the big day arrives. Search for people and friends who are working in the same arena and ask them about the probable questions that can be asked in the interview and work on framing your answers better and efficient. This exercise will build up your confidence and it is very much possible that around 70 percent of questions asked in the interview will be on the same line as your research work.

3). A feedback question always leaves a positive impression and the interviewer remembers you for that extra effort. No matter how good or bad your interview goes, never forget to ask about the feedback; sometimes little things create a BIG IMPACT!

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- Shivam
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