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Some people spend their whole life trying to be perfect while others are born perfect. How? Because they are born Punjabi! Punjabi has swag and an aura that makes them stand out from others. If you too are a Punjabi there are some things which you will find relatable with you after all Punjabi ho aur ye sab nahi karte toh kaise Punjabi hue. Right?
1. Food is our first love...
We have this never-ending love for the food that other people find us insane that how can someone's life start and end with the food but this is how we are. Crazy! Insane! Mad! Whatever you may want to call but this is how we are. We cannot resist ourselves when it comes to food. We want to taste every food because we cannot miss any food in our life. After all 'khana Pyar hai hmara'.
2. Full of life...
I don't know how but we remain energetic every time. No one actually beat us when it comes to living life. We really don't care what other people think of us because what really matters for us is living the life the way we want. We want to enjoy every little moment of life and that is why we are so much full of life.
3. Yes, we are loud and we are not ashamed of it...
People say we are too loud. We speak too loudly. So what! We are like this and we don't feel ashamed of it. I mean why one should be having a problem at first place and if they have then it is their problem. Should we really care? What do you think?
4. Punjabi music is our soul...
We cannot really generalise but yes I think most of us really cannot survive without the Punjabi songs. We really stop ourselves from humming or dancing to the beats of Punjabi music. I know there is some other level of craziness and you can only deal with us if you are crazy too otherwise you really cannot get along with us.
5. We have a cute mother tongue
No doubt everyone loves listening to our Punjabi because when we speak our language you just get mesmerized by it and you cannot stop yourself from adoring us. I know you can listen to us and still not get bored because we are born cute and are one of the most loving creatures on this planet.
So if you are a Punjabi too then be proud of yourself !
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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