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Magic! Fantasy! Dreaming! How much unreal they may seem we want to experience that and have us in our life. Life becomes soooo boring when everything is normal in our life. So we human beings believe in the‘unrealistic optimism’ means we have a desire of things which we don't have.
There are some moments of our life when we imagine weird things, things that are unreal but we want them to be true. And I am in that mood of thoughts where I really want my wishes to come true no matter I know they can't be but 'sochne mein kya hi jata hai..'
Why not you also travel me in my dreamy land. You will loveeee it.
1. Mr. India
Wouldn't it be just wonderful if we had some magical power at least to use them for once in a lifetime where we would become invisible and no one is able to see us and we can do things which we want and no one can judge us? Wow! How beautiful that would be. I already have imagined the list of things I would want to do.
2. Reaching destination by magic
Does that happen with you also that you are so much frustrated in your life that you don't want to travel anymore or you are a lazy person like me and wish that you reach your destination where ever you want by some magic by a click of some button or a switch? How niceeee it would be you don't have to waste time in that traffic.
3. Wish every object could ring like a phone
We human beings have this very bad habit of forgetting things. We forget things after keeping them and you know the frustration level at that time. So I always have this thought in my mind how great it would be if all the things have a ringing bell just like our phones. Imagine the ring in your favourite cloth. Wow! Life becomes so easy.
Have a lot more of such thoughts but its good not to overthink...So let me come off my dreamy la la land...
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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