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Today in this highly opened era we have so many female awareness NGOs, Gynaecologist helping the woman and so on, but in the team of these helping hands, we do have men. There is a problem with the presence of man in the team, but it is about being comfortable. Whether a woman belongs to modern culture or a village, she will only be comfortable with a woman.

It is a fact and our Bollywood also have shown this understanding in between two women. I accept that after a while or after 2-3 meeting woman can become comfortable with the male gynecologist doctor, but they still need time.

As it was shown in the movie Padman that when Akshay Kumar aka Lakshmikant Chauhan invents the machine to make low-cost sanitary napkins for village women, they feel humiliated whenever he tries to make them understand. But when Soman K. Ahuja aka Pari went to same village women they not only understand it’s benefits and also buy those sanitary napkins.

So, I am saying that there are a few things that only a woman can raise awareness or make another woman understand about it.

Below are the two female problems that you will feel comfortable while discussing with another woman:

Menstrual Flow:
It is a kind of blood flow with which we all are aware of and it happens to all the women every month. Not only women, even men, boys and teenage kids too. This indicates that the woman is healthy, and we often go to a medical shop to get the sanitary napkins, and we have to interact with men. But if you go to a village, the ladies there never talk about it and the male even the older women in the house assume it as a curse.

But if a woman group from a medical health camp or NGO, goes to them and make them understand everyone will surely accept it. Just like Padman movie shows how the hero with the help of the female lead brought the change in their society.

Breast Cancer:
Breast is the most important part for a lady, as it gives them the appearance of a female. It is also very important because after giving birth to a child they feed their newly born baby with it. But how painful will it be when a lady got to know about breast cancer? We never think in a way from which the lady is going on. Going to a doctor and let him to operate on her private is very difficult, many women even don’t share their problem.

But, if they share with a woman they never feel discomfort and can discuss everything with her lady friend.

A friend is needed, a lady is needed!

-Simran Bhatnagar
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