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The human entity of Generation Z don't get satisfied with regular stuff, they want some time out of the box every freaking time. This is the reason that most of the millennial ditch a hotel for shacks, tents and hostels; because let us face it, most of the hotels follow the same pattern and design and it gets really tiresome for us.
But, today I am bringing you some exquisite hotels around the world that will surely fulfill all your ‘millennial cravings’:-

1). Hotel Zeppelin, San Francisco

This hotel in San Francisco has a vintage charm to it, the rustic designs, armchairs, psychedelic interiors and joyous vibe makes it an ideal destination for the youngsters to shed some stress.

2). Eye Hotel, Utrecht

The hotel has a nerd’ilicious feel to it, the comfortable box spring beds from Dutch brand Morpheus and quirky interiors just add to its beauty. So, if you want to feel the nerd vibe you know where you need to take your ass at.

3). Brody House, Budapest

Now, this one is my favourite! This hotel was once an art salon which got converted into a hotel. The rooms in the hotel were earlier used by some famous artists to do their work, after the conversion the artistic work was restored to create illustrative interiors. The colourful place will win you over in no time.

4). The Line Hotel, Los Angeles

The hotel is very famous among masses for its raw interiors and of course the very popular cement walls. The hotel also provides one with lifestyle boutique, pool lounge and lip-smacking Korean dishes to savour.

5). Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland

If you are someone who loves swaying around a new city on bikes, this place is for you. With in-room bike storage and millennial designs, the place is just near perfect to enjoy a holiday.

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- Shivam
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