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When it comes to the best bowlers of today’s generation, Dale Steyn always makes a place in it. He has devastated the batting line-up many a times, his pace and line and length has always been accurate, it looks like the bowler has total control over it. He did his debut in the year 2004, so he has been in the game for almost 15 years now but still has all it needs to remain a great bowler. From a recent action, we knew that the love of the bowler for his mother is the same as we all have.

The Pakistan tour of South Africa is going on, South Africans won the test series by 3-0, and after that Dale Steyn was rested for the first two ODIs. In the third ODI, Dale Steyn returned, and SA won the game by DLS Method with him taking 2 wickets of the Pakistan team. He got a wish from his mother for the game, but it was sent to him after the match was over.

Well, the speedster took a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation with his mother, and put it as his Instagram Story. Her mother messaged him “Good luck for today my babe”, to which he replied “Thanx mom, we played yesterday…” with a love emoji. He took a screenshot, and put it as his story saying “This is why I love my Mom so much” with laughing emojis.

It was a good performance by the bowler in the game, and the team won the match so we can conclude that the mother’s wish worked even when it was said after the game was over. This post was really loved by his fans, as all of us adore our mothers.

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- Rajat Priyam
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