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I think we can all agree that life isn’t easy until you are a son of a millionaire. It’s more like a see-saw ride, filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, hardships and successes, setbacks and milestones. And to get ourselves through all of those experiences, it’s important that we develop an optimistic, positive, and life-loving heart to support us during worst times.

But is it that easy? To develop a hopeful and life loving heart? Well for these people it is easy.

Finding Positive In Every Situation
A delivery guy collided head-on with another man on a motorcycle. The case full of beer smashed all over the floor. Instead of arguing, the two squatted together on the road, picked up the unfinished bottles of beer and drank them.

Caring Less About Your Problems
A truck driver was carrying a heavy load of watermelons to be delivered and lost control over the slippery road, which causes the truck to flip and smash everything along. But instead of panicking and thinking about the amount of trouble he may be in, he sat on the side of the road and treated himself to several watermelons. After all, it’d be a shame to let those go to waste.

Being Happy With What You Have
A 43-year-old decorator in Shanghai squatted in the subway to connect to free WiFi and video chat with his family via WeChat. Because he has to pay for the rental network, he goes to the subway station to connect to the WiFi and save money. All he truly cared about at that point was to look at his family and let the emotions sink in.

Appreciating Life No Matter What It Comes Up With
A man and his friend were driving to a dinner party when suddenly, their car overturned on the road. Luckily, the two of them were okay. In fact, they decided to take a photo of their holding the license plate that had fallen off and smiled, appreciating life for getting them out of this accident alive and well.

You Are Enough
A fire broke out inside the home of a young couple in Guilin, Guangxi. As anyone in this situation would, you’d think that they would start panicking and call the fire department to come to their rescue. But they did not. Instead, they took care of the fire themselves and uploaded a couple of imaginative and funny photos from the scene on social media.

No Compromises, No Defeat - Just Hard Work
A disabled sanitation worker with only one leg has overcome of a lot of adversity and made peace with his own life’s imperfections. He decided to take full ownership of his fate and lives a decent life earning his income from the production of his own labor. No compromises with the world, no defeat. Just hard work and determination.

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Source - GuideinChina
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