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No doubt wedding changes our lives completely. How things were before the wedding definitely it would not remain the same because change is constant. So if you expect that the way your partner loved you when you were married would be constant forever then it is not possible because when life changes so rapidly after the marriage that things would definitely change.
It is quite normal if you are not sexually attracted to your partner the way you were earlier because lust changes into care, I get changed to us. During the initial phase of marriage, couples fought with each other and even words could not help to go things in the right way but as they spend time with each other what matters the most is the way they care and respect for each other.
The success mantra of any couple to have a strong relationship, in the long run, to have that loyalty and believe that their relationship can work. Accepting the changes in your partner is a key to a strong, healthy relationship.
So this is how life changes within a few years of marriage
It is important to accept that change in life!
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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