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A city with no laws, no religion and no racism where everyone is treated is equally. This place called AUROVILLE exists in the Southern Indian state of Pondicherry where 3000 people not only from different states of India but from 50 nations live together representing humanity as a whole. The 20 square kilometre place is integrated into 5 villages.
From recycled CD's hanging from the umbrella, the place is synonymous with creativity, design and sustainability where everyone can find their personal free space to work. Auroville, of course, is an international community where there are some 300 French people, 200 Germans and 150 Italians living without any discrimination.
Life in Auroville is fun as they have interesting games and events. For example, they have this pizza night where working people contribute 200 each and have unlimited pizzas to eat which of course is made by themselves.
The place where the school does have a campus where they learn by travelling. You decide what you want to study because there is no curriculum.
Apart from the trendy eatery places, Auroville has the distinctive place called ' Matri Mandir' which is the soul of Auroville. You don't have candles, meditation, prayers but silence is the rule for this divine place.
A place originally founded by French native MIRRA Alfassa know locally as 'The mother' in 1968 is funded by the communities living there and by the outside support of organisations like UNESCO and U.N.
Another distinct feature of this place is that everyone earns the same amount of salary that is 12000 per month regardless of their profession. Apart from that, they have various insurances and are solely dependent on the cashless economy.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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