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We know that many of the Guinness world records are quite bizarre, but here's a list of the latest:

Rolf Bucholz, a German citizen, did the most "restructuring" of his body, with 516 perforations and implants.

Britain's Ash Randall balanced a football with his foot on a moving car for 93 seconds.

This Irish butcher set a record for making 78 sausages in a minute.

Josh Horton balanced a guitar on his forehead, setting a world record of 7 minutes 3.9 seconds.

A Malaysian cat, Bibi, balances nine dices on her paw. Does your cat need to challenge it?

Kevin Strahle was able to eat nine powdered donuts in 60 seconds.

Betty Goedhart, an 85-year-old woman from California, is the oldest trapeze artist.

This highly-energetic dog named Jessica jumped 59 times with her owner in one minute.

British citizen Betsy Bond's needle is 4.3 meters long, 9 centimeters in diameter and the largest in the world.

Germany's Mirko Hansen was able to go 50 meters with a pulley in 8.55 seconds, played by hand, of course.

Germany's Dunja Kuhn was able to spin 59 hula hoops simultaneously in different parts of the body.

An American dog can jump a record 1.92 meters from the ground.

Britain's Ryan Luney was able to jump 4.36 meters in reverse to set a world record

American Ali Spagnola bounced 100 meters off the ball in 38.22 seconds

Ayanna Williams' fingernails in Houston have a total length of 5.76 meters

Sumirock, an 83-year-old woman in Tokyo, Japan, works as a DJ at least once a month at the club, and became the world's oldest DJ '.

Youjianxia from Changzhou, China. Her eyelashes measure 12.4 cm long, known as the world's longest eyelashes for a woman!

LOL, maybe we also have some special talents that could meet the requirements of the Guinness Book of World Records! Who knows?

There’s only one way to find out.

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