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We all have the birthday blues and as our birthday is around the corner we get so much excited and much before the birthday eve we have the plans ready in our mind. After all, it's our birthday who would not be excited about it. Everyone wants to celebrate it in their own unique way and make it a memorable day.
As I was going through the way different cultures have their celebration styles I came across some of the interesting traditions of different countries. So I decided to jot down those rituals for you.
1. Vietnam
A new year of Vietnam is one of the most important days for them and that is the reason they like to celebrate their birthday on the same day regardless of their actual date of birth.
2. Argentina
Friends and family members celebrate their kids birthday in a very unique way by pulling the child’s earlobes for each year of his or her age.
3. Australia
Fairy bread is the white bread sprinkled with butter and coloured balls of sugar and you cannot expect any celebration without the fairy bread.
Mexico has the fun tradition of putting the face of the birthday boy/girl for the first time and then everyone would shout mordida! mordida !. It is called the tradition of “la mordida” ("the bite"),
5. Germany
As single men turn 30 they have to sweep the front steps of the Town Hall or church on their birthday. It indicates that they don't have a girlfriend.
Seem perplexed at these interesting celebrations?
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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