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What should love be like? What’s it like to love someone?Sweet words aren’t and shouldn’t be enough… Only action can truly prove how much someone loves you, right?Well… what follows should give us a pretty heart-warming clue.

He used his hand as a pillow for her on the bus.
They stay together, walk together, and hold each other’s hands tightly, always, and forever.
Always let your significant other know that they can rely on you.
Live a long and healthy life by exercising together.
He put his palm over her head for comfort.
She feels warm when in his arms.
Shielding his girlfriend from the rain any way he can.
I’ll help clean up your messy hair.
What’s the sweetest thing you’ve done to prove your love to your significant other? Let us know in the comment section below!
Source: GuideinChina
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