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Becoming a writer is a simple thought and a very tough job!
You can just fall down on your couch and think about stories and characters but guess what, thinking isn’t enough; you got to take your ass and work; work until the ink dries and that is when the writer within you will unleash in full throttle.
Here are some ‘must-follow’ tips that will help you become an influential writer: -

1). Be Proud Of Your Work

There will be times when people will ridicule your work, they will say that what a shitty story you have carved but this will be the time when you will need to stand up for your work. Take all the criticism and if you feel, make some changes in your work accordingly but never ever think that your work is inferior. Creating a different world with unknown characters is something very magnificent; therefore always believe in your work.

2). Consistency Is The Key

No great monument was built in a single day, people had to work every single day to build the beauty. Similarly, you cannot expect to become a great writer if you come in the writing zone in every two or three months. Writing demands consistency, you can start by deciding the number of words you WILL write (no matter what) in a day. Even if you are stuck with a desk job, you can easily write 500 words in a day, slowly and gradually your imaginative horizons will expand that will help you create illustrative worlds. WRITE DAILY!

3). Be A Good Observer

A great writer is someone who can create relatable situations and this can happen only if you keenly observe your surroundings. Keep looking for interesting characters and situations and write them somewhere. These characters/situations will definitely enrich your writing someday.

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- Shivam
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