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Who doesn’t love traveling? We always take a trip with our family and friends, and that becomes a memory and it remains with us forever. But have you ever thought of going on a solo trip? Well, it feels a bit weird at the first place, no? As who will you talk to and how will you enjoy the way you do it with the people around. Well, it is not the same experience when you take a solo trip but it is a lot different and it is a need sometimes in your life. Solo trip makes the inner you talk to you, and you find yourself while roaming around mindlessly around the place.

You meet new people; you go to different places not being guided by anyone there. You do what your inner self tells you to do. Your mind calms down, you are far from the chaos so the clearest thoughts come to your mind. You go on a trip with people to enjoy, you go on a solo trip to bring the best out of you that you did not even know existed inside you. Are your thoughts not clear? Are you feeling alone? Do you need to find the purpose of your life? Do you want to know what you really want from your life? Do you hate your life? Do you need to find the answer to everything? Well, a solo trip is what you need.

Do all the adventures that you need to do at the place like Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, and all the other activities as you need to feel the moment. The important things that you need to bring with you on a solo trip are a camera, notebook, pen, and a lot of positivity. You should not overuse the mobile phone or any gadget, just keep taking notes of all the things that you feel and capture the moments that make you feel better. You will definitely feel different after your return from the trip. You will feel that you have been cleared of all your garbage thoughts that were in your mind, and now you can think about the things that really matter, and that feel will lead you to things that you did not expect.

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- Rajat Priyam
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