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It was 11-11-11 when Imtiaz Ali’s magnificent piece of art ‘Rockstar’ knocked at our doors and became a work that will stay with us forever. Imtiaz Ali, himself, must not have known that he is carving an emotion in disguise of a film.
Even today, if you watch this film, you will feel it genuine and fresh and that’s its biggest USP. Imtiaz Ali broke all notions of a love story and literally translated Rumi’s famous quote: ‘Away, beyond all concepts of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there’ on screen.
The film provided the audience with music that is so hauntingly beautiful that people still celebrate it like anything and to be honest it is going to be this fresh for a long time to come.
So here are some of the best verses from the film’s illustrative album:-

1). Kaate Chahe Jitna, Paro Se Hawaon Ko, Khud Se Naa Bach Paayega Tu.
Todh Aasmano Ko, Fhook De Jahaano Ko, Khud Ko Chhupa Naa Payega Tu.
Koi Bhi Le Rasta, Tu Hai Tu Le Hasta
Apne Hi Ghar Aayega Tu.

2). Mann Bole Ke Ras Mein Jeeney Ka Harjaana Duniya Dushman, Sab Begaana Inhein Aag Lagaana
Mann Bole Mann Bole, Mann Se Jeena Ya Marr Jaana.

3). Kis Tarah Chheenega Aa, Mujh Se Ye Jahaan Tumhe.
Tum Bhi Ho Main, Kya Fiqar Ab Humein.

4). Main Hasrat Mein Ek Uljhi Door Hua Suljha De Ho Ho,
Main Dastak Hoon Tu Bandh Kiwaddo Sa Khul Ja Re Ho!

5). Mitti Jaise Sapne Yeh,
Kitaabi Palkon Se Jhaado Phir Aa Jaate Hain.

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- Shivam
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