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Parents are our biggest well-wishers but when they taunt at us or scold at us for every single thing doesn't it seems like they are taking undue advantage of being a parent or misusing their position and powers. But just imagine we had some magical power and authority to behave like them. How would be reacting to similar situations?
It is really interesting to imagine their reactions if the kids start behaving like a parent.
1. Not doing things which they asked to do
Just imagine if we have asked them to do something and they plainly refuse to do it then how would the kids make them do things they want them to do. Probably by emotionally blackmailing that they would teach them about the latest technology because this is definitely in which we kids have an upper hand.
2. Not waking up
Our parents disturb our precious sleep by threatening about our parents scold. If the kids had to wake up the parents in the early morning they would be doing in the name of their boss and salary cut. Isn't it?
3. Getting ready
Kids definitely have better dressing sense and kids would not leave their chance of taunting them about their dressing sense if they would be given such powers.
4. On their habits
From being busy with our gadgets and being careless about little things our parents complain of being careless and of wasting or time. If kids would be scolding them what would it be for? Probably for watching too much sports and T.V serials?
5. Fighting
Our parents have the cute fighting every day and we won't miss the chance to taunt them on this.
6. Permission for going on some trip
Whenever we ask them for some permission to go outside with our friends they would never say it directly. They refuse by giving some kind of explanations but if parents had to take permission from the kids they would also do the same by saying that they should devote time with the kids instead of going with their friends.
7. On appraisal
Parents never get satisfied when it comes to our performance in exams. They want us to get the maximum. Suppose if they didn't get the much appraisal we would be blaming them to be ignorant in their work or not being serious towards their work. Isn't it?
We kids are no less than them. Some miracle would definitely happen if kids start behaving like the parents.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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