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Spooky graffiti, scattered furniture, spider webs, and weird sounds - if you are into horror movies you would be familiar with what I am talking about. It doesn't matter how brave you are or how big are your muscles when it comes to visiting an abandoned house. You would certainly have questions, and even a pinch of doubt could scare you enough.

However, the house that Craig and Lisa Spurr have purchased isn’t so subtle about its past. “My wife and I flipped [this house] about 2 years ago,” Craig wrote. “There was so much strange stuff. I couldn’t even get in the headspace of what the previous owner was up to” Scroll down to check the strange things the couple witnessed in the property and let us know what are your thoughts in the comments.

After reading that how could someone even imagine of getting sweet dreams? The owner says “Very creepy painted message… was in enamel paint so took a LOT of sanding to remove. (You could still clearly see it when painting over)”

After reading this I seriously want to know who the hell Mora is. Seems like the previous owner had an obsession with Mora.

That's what we call a fail DIY. A hanging rope light fixture…? Seriously? That is one way to save a chunk of your money.

“A window sticker? On an adjacent wall that featured an actual window but had such heavy curtains you couldn’t easily use it…”

I have never seen something like this before in my entire life. Just imagine the amount of light this thing will produce when switched on. Getting one of those in the future for sure. But it is still weird though.

People were convinced there was something seriously wrong with this house
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Source - BoredPanda
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