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When you are living outside from your home no doubt you become self-confident and independent but there are times when you feel like running far away from the place because you just can't survive there. Here are some of the feelings that you would find it relatable with you if you have lived in a PG.
1. Unknown creatures can knock your door anytime

We human beings are scared of every little thing and one of the scary parts of being in a PG is that you have to survive with some of the very strange and unknown creatures. No, I am not really talking about the strangers human being but the lizards, rats and what not. They can attack you anytime as they are probably one of the uninvited creatures which you don't want in your life.
2. Your life is not your life.

True that! When you are living in a PG you have to act according to the needs of other PG mates. Life sucks when you can't speak loud just because others have a problem. You have to eat what are you being fed.
3. Cat fights are part of your life.

If you are sharing a room with someone you have to adjust to everything because it is rare to find someone who will understand you otherwise most of the time goes in fighting with each other for the petty things.
4. No matter what you will be judged for everything.

From what you wear to how you talk to what you say you will be judged by everyone.
5. You feel like some prisoner

Yes, you feel like a prisoner who has paid for being in jail. PG wala will decide when to go and come because you are bounded by the time.
6. Waiting sucks

I guess this is the most irritating part of PG life. You have to wait for the food. You will mostly get late because you will find the washroom always occupied.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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