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The roller coaster ride of your relationship will have moments where you feel like being madly and deeply in love with your partner and the very other moments you feel irritated to some another level that you don't want to see your partner's face. There is some heat of moments where you say things which you don't want to say. It is kind of normal in every relationship.
Another thing that is quite common is the way girls behave and say things to their partner especially when she is angry. We have tried to give some twist to these dialogues.
Have a look at them.
1. Rehne do tumhe Kabhi samaz nahi aayega
I think girls have this complaint of not being understood by their partner. You will hear this dialogue very often form her. Probably if you have that skill of explaining things you would have given a try instead of saying this thing again and again.
2. Sab Ek Jaise hote hai
Whenever she fights with her partner this is the time you would hear that every boy is the same. But I have a question why is that she understand this when she is angry. Does she have some power to recognise people when she is angry?
3. Aaj Ke baad mujhse kbhi baat mat karna
This is one of the common threat that you will hear from her. She would say to not to talk to her but this never happens. Leave that she would only be talking first.
4. Pehle se kitne change ho gaye ho-
If you have been in a relationship your Gf too would have this complaint of not being the same. But if someone is changing what's the problem ? I mean change is constant and part of life. Why so much problem to accept the things.
5. Mere liye kyon kuch karoge tum?
When you know this thing why do you expect things? Don't you know expectations hurt?
These cute fights, however, depict how much she loves you. Isn't it?
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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