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When God was making the human hands, a thought popped in his mind, he asked himself: ‘I am creating such beautiful hands, shouldn’t I create something that will forever support them?’ and that is when he created PAWS!
Dogs are probably the best thing happened to the world; these fluffy creatures can bring joy to a dull life with their awwwwdorable gestures like wagging the tail or just rolling on the floor like a maniac. Dogs have earned the title of ‘man’s best friend’ and they totally deserve it. It is proven that dogs can improve your mental strength and cure depression, what else do you need in a friend, right?
The sheer joy of seeing them picking up a ball is just unreal; Damn it! I am already getting moist eyes.
Now, in a recent case, a full-time dog trainer and part-time photographer took hid dogs out in nature and created pictures that will melt your heart within seconds:-

1). Who Is The Good Boy, Hooman?

2). I Am Still Recovering From The Uber-Cuteness!

3). These Glorious Eyes Are Speaking A Thousand Verses At Once, MAGNIFICENT!

4). The Dog Is Clearly Complaining For Making Him Sit Like An Irish Model With Lilies On His Head In The Snow

5). As I Am Watching This Picture, I Urge The Makers To Create A Dog Version Of Narnia; I’ll See All Shows, PROMISE!

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- Shivam
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