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All of us want to be fit, many work for it and most of us don’t even take care of our body and health. The health may seem great when you are young, but if you are careless about it for long then you will see the effects of it with age. Most of us think that working out, and dieting is enough to be healthy and fit but that is not the truth. No matter how much you sweat or work on your diet, if the you are not mentally fine then all of it will go in vain. If you are sad, negative, or suffering from depression then it has an adverse effect on your health and that kills your hard work to get fit.

We all have problem in our lives, some are not happy with their job, some not with the people around, some hate their boss, some do not have any inspiration in life, and these things make us sad, and a sad person can never be healthy. All of the work out, and dieting start working when you are feeling positive and your mind is happy. If you suffering from some loss, or something that stresses you out, first you need to work on that. There are ways to get your mind diverted to the zone that can improve your health, some of it are, seeing and hearing inspirational stuff, music that makes you feel happy, being around people who give you positivity, and have hobbies to do in your free time. Even change your job if it is needed, because happiness is more important for you.

If you complain that you do all the physical activities but still see no effect, then this might be the reason. Being happy even adds more years to your life. So it has a lot of benefits, and it is a necessity to be healthy and fit. Do think about these things, but not overthink about it as that is what leads to depression, and that would ruin the whole content written above. Be positive, be happy, and be healthy (physically and mentally as well).

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- Rajat Priyam
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