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Some packagings are so attractive that you don't even feel like unboxing the thing and use whatever lies inside. Ok, that doesn't happen often, but yes brands do pay serious attention to packaging to not only make their product look distinct and better from their competitors but also for misleading purposes. Yes, you heard it right. Brands across the world have a team dedicated to smart packaging, whose job is so evil that even Satan himself would want to take some lessons.

Continue scrolling to check out some of the most misleading packagings that would force you to think if you have been paying more than what you actually should.

Well, this is no surprise to me. Chips manufacturers have been fooling us since forever, and we seemed to have become habitual to it. However, this guy is doing the lord-work giving many an insight into what these chips manufacturers are up to.

What's the point in fooling the customers? We would eventually buy your product if it does any good to us (skin in this case) just save the extra plastic, make a smaller bottle, please.

Big bottles fewer tablets. One of the most common tricks brands use to sell their product.

The invisible part often homes air and what not; but not the product you expect. Well, we would not mind getting less of the product rather than opening the box and drawing disappointment.

This box of staples is more box than staples. This is funny though.

Some products - including dove - are so overpriced still we convince our mind to buy them and then they reward us with this. Bravo

1. 2. 3. and kaboom where did the popcorn go? Good thing they put it the right side up on the shelf.,br>
They took their mother advice - eating too much chocolate is not good - way too seriously.

Imagine how disappointed the kid would be after he opens the box and finds a False Bottom which makes up for 80% of the box.

I wonder what we could use this extra space for.
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Source - BoredPanda
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