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The moment a girl steps out after the marriage her life changes drastically. From wearing new feathers of responsibilities to dealing with new people her life becomes far more challenging. It is important that her hands are held in the right direction so that she can move smoothly in her new life.

Without a doubt, her parents can be her biggest support system but a lot of times it is seen that they are so much involved in the affairs of her daughter that it can have some irreparable damages in her life. So it is important that they understand the thin line between interference and involvement.

Many a time it is seen that parents support her in every wrong and correct decisions of her life without understanding that it can ruin her relationship. It is important that you guide her, support her emotionally and otherwise but it is equally important to understand this fact that you are allowing your daughter to stand up on her feet and she is able to handle her problems in her own way. You cannot be with her throughout her life.

Also, it is your responsibility that you don't support her just because she is your daughter. You need to make her understand if she is doing something wrong.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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