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You might think that fasting is just religious stuff or political practice. But the fact is that it may actually protect you against age-related diseases and improve your overall health.

Sometimes I think that how smart our ancestors were, that they invented some mind-blowing ritual that actually has so many benefits. The study, led by a team from the University of California-Irvine (UCI), found that fasting affects the circadian clocks in the liver and skeletal muscle, which cause them to rewire metabolism, which can ultimately lead to improve the health of the person and make his or her body capable of fighting from age-related diseases.

What Circadian clock actually do in the body when fasting?

The circadian clock operates within the body and its organs as intrinsic time-keeping machinery to preserve homeostasis in reply to the changing environment. As the food will affect the clocks in peripheral tissues, it was unclear till the date that how the lack of food influences clock function and ultimately affects the body.

"We discovered fasting influences the circadian clock and fasting-driven cellular responses, which together work to achieve fasting-specific temporal gene regulation," said lead author Paolo Sassone-Corsi, Professor of Biological Chemistry at UCI.

"Skeletal muscle, for example, appears to be twice as responsive to fasting as the liver," Sassone-Corsi added

"The reorganization of gene regulation by fasting could prime the genome to a more permissive state to anticipate upcoming food intake and thereby drive a new rhythmic cycle of gene expression. In other words, fasting is able to essentially reprogram a variety of cellular responses," Sassone-Corsi said.

Now you know that reason behind fasting is not only religious or political if you want to fight against age-related problems, start fasting!

-Simran Bhatnagar
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