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One of the crucial dimensions of nature lies deep in waters, and to celebrate this dimension, Underwater Photography competition takes place every year. Recently, the 7th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest has just announced its winners, and the pictures are ethereal to look at.
Managing Editor Nirupam Nigam says: "The purpose of the [competition] is to find and promote the world's best underwater photographers and their work; we’d also like to bring public awareness to the beauty of marine life and the necessity of its conservation. Ocean Art is about discovering and putting a spotlight on new/innovative photographic techniques, amazing animal behaviours, and the beauty of the world's oceans."
The judges had a tough time judging the competition and choose the photos that deserved to win prizes of around $80,000. Reportedly, 70 countries participated in the competition and photos were chosen from as many as 16 illustrative categories.
Here are the best pictures from the competition that are a testimony to Nature’s mystic magnificence :-

1).Wide-Angle Category, "Eclipse" By Edwar Herreno

2). Wide-Angle Category, "Two Inquisitive Friends" By Celia Kujala

3). Marine Life Behavior, "Love From A Father" By François Baelen

4). Novice Dslr, "Smile Of A Friend" By Antonio Pastrana

And, Finally That One Picture That Arrested Everyone And Emerged As THE BIG WINNER:

5). 1st Place, Wide-Angle Category, "Gentle Giants" By François Baelen

The photographer explained the story behind this shot, he said: “This unique encounter happened in September 2018 in Reunion Island (Western Indian Ocean) where the humpback whales come here to breed and give birth. The mother was resting 15 meters down, while her calf was enjoying his new human friends. Trust : this is what came to my mind, when this close to 30 ton-animal, still hunted today by mankind, allowed me to freedive behind her and take that shot. From down there, everything seemed unreal: that huge tail centimeters away from me, the calf, my friend free diving symetrically. I knew I would not get a shot like this one again. The post production was all about getting a good white balance and reducing noise, because this photo was taken with natural light only, 15 meters deep.”
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- Shivam
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