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The Internet is a hysterical ground that never fails to amuse us with its sheer quirkiness and ever since people have gotten this infectious poison called ‘Photoshop’, things have been going out of hands (quite literally!). Every other day we are introduced to a new set of memes, things have gone so cracked up that people are making legit meme calendars.
And, the month of January in the meme calendar has been pinned to this Japanese guy who has become a sensation sort of thing after his uber-cool cooking skills resulted in a gigantic rice wave figure. The guy would have not known that this perfectly timed picture will invite a tsunami of memes but destiny had other plans. As soon as people had a look at the picture, they immediately sat and started testing their photoshop skills.
The picture is actually a screenshot that originates from a YouTube channel titled 'Mizutamari Bond' where a Japanese duo Kanta and Tommy upload daily videos.
Here is the original picture:

And here are some painfully hilarious memes:-

1). The Worst Trade Deal in History.

2). Mocking Is An Art And The Rice Wave Is An Artist!

3). Animes Make Everything Look 10 Times Better, Don’t They?

4). I Am Not Crying, Are You?

5). And It’s Time for Some ‘Rice Redemption’, Let’s Get Started!

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- Shivam
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