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Fertility is tricky for some and easy for some. Some women need one romp in the sheet and – BOOM- nine months after they spotted in labor simultaneously calling for their husbands in pain while giving birth to a new life. However, not all are lucky that much. Many couples don’t get pregnant at one go, and conceive and fail repeatedly, is such a hard heart-breaking.

So, what is the problem, actually? Why some women’s fertility has a question mark? Let us what can influence a lady to have problems while conceiving.

1. Constant Stress:

If you are taking stress constantly, you are not only making your life difficult but also making it difficult for your baby to live inside. This majorly impacts the lives of women, when they decide to conceive, especially a working woman. If the problem affecting negatively in your life, then try yoga or meditation, this will reduce your stress and give your inner strength.

2. Junk Foods:

Pizza, burger, fries and other junk foods are not only adding inches in your waistline but also they are affecting your sex hormones that are vital for pregnancy. They are also responsible for increasing the level of cholesterol in your body which ultimately clog the arteries.

3. Weight:

Whether you are underweight or overweight, both can effect on your conceiving. If you BMI happen to be on a higher side and body fat level rise 10 to 15% than normal this can affect your menstrual cycle because of the flood of estrogen that is not beneficial for your body. And if your body’s fat is 10 to 15% lower than normal, again this affect your menstrual cycle, which means lack of leptin.

4. Caffeine:

If you love drinking coffee and also continuously trying to have a baby, you may have to disappoint. As according to the studies, caffeine can interfere with the conception process. Actually, it disrupts the muscles and contractions that help your eggs reach to the fallopian tubes where they can be potentially fertilized.

5. Checking Phone before falling asleep:

Exposure to the light in dark just seconds before falling asleep affects your “sleep cycle” and you don’t get quality sleep. This not only decreases your chances of conceiving but also decreases the production of sleep hormones that negatively impact on the development of a fetus.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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