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The viral bride of 2019, The bride of the 21st century, The bride who is not afraid of society rules, The bride who will not do anything which she does not get it or because everyone wants her to do it. Yes, Indian bride of the present century is not like the traditional brides. She has the courage to go against the rituals which she does not believe in.
From her grand entry in the wedding to her bold look, everything is changing. Today you will not find her crying in her Bidaai rather she leaves the house with her smiling face.
A similar thing was recently done by the Bengali bride who refused to cry on her farewell and made the promise to meet their parents very frequently. Not just that she also denied to accept the marriage rituals of the Bengali wedding.
The wedding ritual signifying the tradition to repay the parents debt by throwing rice at the mother saree was plainly refused by her as she believes that the parents' debt cannot be repaid even if we want to.
The video has gone viral on the social media and has been viewed 3.1 million times on Facebook.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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