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Being the parent is one of the greatest title ones can own in his life and those who are living this experience can understand the feeling of being the parents. However, this title carries a lot of responsibilities which it, if not handled properly, can ruin the future of a child.
So it is important that whatever the parents do for their they should carefully examine the consequences for them because it can hamper the growth of a child.
Here are some of the tips for young parents so that they enjoy the process of being a parent and help the child to build a bright future ahead of them.
Some Do's And Dont's For A Young Parent
1. Never fulfil every demand of the child.

Seeing your child is the biggest joy you can have and we completely understand it but when these moments of joy have negative consequences, in the long run, you need to have a second thought on it. Your child will make some undesired demands from you. It is your responsibility that you let them know the value of everything they demand because if you provide them with everything so easily they would not learn to make efforts and earn it.
2. Don't fight in front of a child.

It is common to have fights with each other but remember the chid's mind is so immature at this stage and he does not understand things. So you need to very careful when you are having an argument. It can have a negative impact on your child's brain. So if something of this sort happens to try to have a healthy conversion regarding the same because it is important that they don't develop any wrong perception in their mind.
3. You cannot complain/shout/yell at them everytime

If you are complaining or finding mistakes in everything your child does then he would start losing confidence. Yes, it is important to make them understand if they are doing anything wrong in their life but you cannot just keep pointing fingers at them with the intention of teaching them things. Appreciate their efforts, it will help them to keep motivated.
4. Spoon feeding is a big No.

This is the biggest mistake parents do. Parents don't want to see their child struggling so they want to make things easy for them. But in this process, you are snatching their chance to grow because the things learnt by their own efforts will help them to grow by leaps and bounds. So it would be better if you motivate them to take challenges in life.
5. You can't compare them with everyone.

Making comparisons with friends, siblings is something which should be completely taken care of because we need to understand the fact that everyone road is different so you cannot expect them to be the same. Yes, you can always motivate them to learn from others but don't compare.
6. Don't discourage them from recreational activities

Academic activities are crucial for the child but if you are focusing only on them your child cannot progress. In today's highly competitive world your child needs to outpace others so he should be good in everything. So don' stop them from indulging in the same. Rather you should involve yourself in such recreational activities.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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