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The world does not look as challenging as it is when you look it from the outside. However, it takes real guts to experience something which is challenging and those who have experienced it can only understand the struggles of it.
Travelling on a roadways bus for more than 5 years I think I have completely lived the journey of a bus and can understand how much struggle it is to use public transport. However, if you are someone who is habitual of it you become so used to it that you have a completely different experience.
Queue-cutting or queue jumping is one of the common that you will face if you are travelling by bus. Hardly are people who like to obey the rules. Those who are standing in the queue and waiting for the bus are some fools is what they think so they will find nothing wrong in that. But really?

However, who has not travelled much would prefer to keep quiet as they don't know how to deal with the situation but such is not the case with the daily passenger. He is aware of every bit of it. He would react strongly to it in his own ways.
Also, it is seen that a lot of male passengers would misbehave with the female passengers while entering the bus and even on the bus. They will try to make unwelcome gestures and conversations with her. So how a daily passenger reacts to it is different from the new or someone who does not travel much.

So I have tried to create some comparison between an inexperienced traveller and an experienced traveller.
1. When someone tries to jump the queue in front of you
2. When the conductor tries to give a ticket to someone who is not in a queue
3. Seeing the huge crowd
4. When people barge into the bus
5. Eve-teasing
6. When some stranger tries to talk to you.
Safety is definitely one major issue in public transport and one can deal with it by being bold and not keeping quiet.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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