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Accept it or not but Salary is the biggest motivation in our life to work, after all , 'paisa nahi hoga bhaiya toh zindagi nahi ruk jayegi'. Yes, we all wait for the day of salary with the kind of enthusiasm we have waited for no one in our life. ' Salary sa bada kuch hai bhi toh nahi life mein'. Because as the month end comes we all our on the same page, cashless and no money in our bank accounts so the excitement of salary coming is so obvious boss.
Different people have different ways of expressing their emotions on the day of salary.
1. Minute minute mein HR ke cabin ka chakar lgane wale.

So the first sets of people are those who are so much excited about the salary that it seems that they would spend all of their salaries on the same day. So you will find them around the cabin of HR the whole day asking about the whereabouts of their salary as if it has lost its way and would not reach its destination.
2. One who is worried about the deductions in their salary.

There are people who are so nervous about the deductions in the salary that all they are worried about the cut in the salary and the net salary they would receive.
3. One who will eat a lot because finally, the salary is coming.

Salary may or may not have come but they have their plans already made. You would see them eating like they haven't eaten for a decade. Yes, these people are extremely mad about the food. Fooooood is their love.
4. Those who will not show any emotion.

Then there are some people who are emotionless because if you are not excited about the salary boss toh kis chiz ke liye hoge?
5. Those who are more interested in knowing about the salary of their colleagues.

Then comes the people who are more concerned about the lives of others and you will find them wondering about if their colleagues received the salary or not.

You must also have received your salary. So what are you waiting for make your plans?
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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