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Imagine you are sitting on the couch, netflixing, caring-less about life, and what's in the vicinity, and suddenly your gf texts you asking for a baby like it is getting a Mac Alu Tiki with extra sauce and cheese. Like where the hell did that come from? Like hold on girl, I need to pay taxes and we are just 23. Anyways, how would you respond to this bombshell? With honesty, or lame logic? Perhaps some light humor? Or simply delete, block and move to another state?

Well, don't do that. She is special. This viral Twitter prank has been started by @kelllicopter, that cheekily means telling your boyfriend that you want a baby'. The prank went so viral that many people participated in the same and got hilarious responses from their boyfriends.

Before we take a look at some of the most hilarious responses, we want to know what would your response be? Scroll down to see the various hilarious ways that guys dealt with this experiment.

If you have him as your bf, you know you are the luckiest person in this world

The financial woes I was talking about? Here it is. #rofl.

What we are cooking today baby? A baby I guess.
That possessive AF boyfriend

Eehhh!! this bf is cruel. Lola.
We all need something irrespective of we can afford it or not.

Pizza is a priority and guess what? You will have to share the same with your child someday. So, #saynotobabies

And you have been spying on your girlfriend maybe? But that reply deserves a micdrop.

What more you seek baby girl?
Won't mind a dozen, or two?
You don't say such things to your girlfriend boy. She is gonna be pissed. LOL

Which one was your favorite of all? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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