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When your work resonates with people even after your demise, this is when you have lived your life thoroughly and Sahir Ludianvi was definitely one of those persons who managed to create an exceptional niche with his soulful poetry.
Sahir, who wrote poems in Hindi and Urdu, also intensely influenced the music of Hindi cinema with his profound lyrics; he managed to write about longing, love and its many branches and on the other end he wrote some brilliant lines to throw light on society’s evils.
Dr Ali Javed, professor of Urdu at Delhi University and an authority on Sahir talks about his charisma and says: “There is a misconception that his poetry caters only to a young audience. People usually confuse romance with romanticism. Any poet who is revolutionary in approach has to be romanticist. Romanticism is related with the imaginative understanding of the poet. Sahir inspires everyone who is peace-loving and anti-war.”
Today, we bring you some of the best verses written by Sahir Ludianvi that will stir your soul in an unreal way:-

1). Hitting Right On Feels!

2). Life Is Unpredictable, Stay Humble!

3). Never Seen Anything Much Motivational

4). Because We All Are Suffering In Some Or The Other Way

5). This World Isn’t An Easy Place To Live In

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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