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A family who eats together, stays together—well this thing has turned old school now. But did you know that couples who drink together, stay together is the new cool? Don’t be surprised. According to a study, a couple’s drinking habit decides a lot about the compatibility they share.
The study on ‘Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research’ published in the Journals of Gerontology, extracted that couples with similar drinking habits were found to lead a happier life than the one who had different habits of drinking or when one partner is an abstainer while the other one is just the opposite.

The researchers also came out with the conclusion that people with similar drinking habits also become comfortable in other ways sharing more stuff with each other, which increased their chances of compatibility even more. It’s even true for couples of the age of 50 and more as the study has found.
However, one should not jump into the conclusion that drinking together is the key to a happy relationship. According to the researchers, couples who happen to be heavy drinkers (both partners) are prone to higher chances of fights and disagreements that might even lead to divorce than those who are light drinkers.

According to the study, when it’s just one partner who drinks and the other abstains from it, it affects their relationship adversely and the chances of a break-up or divorce get high. This is well observed as a fact that, the chances of having major marital discords and divorce rise hugely when the wife is a teetotaler and the husband is a drinker.

We know that this news might come in as a delight for many. But do give it a thought before opening that bottle of champagne because the healthy a relationship simply depends on factors such as love, trust and respect, and no other external factors can replace it.

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