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Let’s accept the fact that without contouring makeup is incomplete, and if you want to give your face a sharp definition, contouring can help you in turning the game on your side. Contouring can make your flatten face look sharp, can make your lips look fuller, can highlight facial features and so on.

You can even scan your face cut, make it look slim, or can change your nose as well, just by giving little time to contour. Everyone doesn’t have a sharp nose, but if you want to make your big nose look slimmer then you can correct it with the help of contouring. HOW?

Let’s move ahead and see the tricks of nose contouring:

Instructions for contouring nose:

After applying base on your whole face, you need to start contouring your nose by applying contour powder or stick on both sides of the nose (as shown in the picture). Then apply concealer on the bridge of your nose (if you don’t have concealer you can use your liquid foundation) If you have applied powder contour then you can spread it evenly with a small puffy brush. Or if you have used the liquid one then you can use a makeup sponge to blend it.

While blending your brown shade of contour with soft with it and remember that you have to do it in a way that can make your nose bridge slim by creating the illusion of shadow on the sides.

When you are done with blending your contour and concealer, highlight your nose tip and the bridge, to make it glow and shine. This will take your nose contouring game to the next level.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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