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Remember, how you used to pamper your parents, overpowering them to get you a little puppy when you were young? Ofc, you do. I myself used to bring stray puppies home without my parents be knowing. Although they used to chase those puppies away, but couldn't chase away our unconditional love for them.

However, most of the couples today love to have a dog as their companion, and of course there kid's partner in their little crimes. Here are some of the cutest pictures of dogs chilling with kids you would eventually fall for.

When she comes home after a long tiring day at school she cuddles with her best friend and they probably fall asleep together. Peace.

That is some Pinterest level frame of a dog and 8-month old baby sharing the bed.

The little baby and the dog are old enough to work together and roam in the house following each other's footsteps.

That soothing puppy hug is the cutest thing ever.

Mans's best friend? Ofc, they are.
The day the German Shepherd met the Newborn. Her face is priceless.

Who’s there? I am here with my army waiting outside your door, just open the door, bitch.

She supervises every bath time of him.

Fighting over who gets the blanket.

Every little girl deserves a personal Bulldog.

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Source - BoredPanda
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