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Workspace is the place where we spend the most crucial time of our day, where you work in your office or home, it doesn’t matter workspace or desk should be clean and decorative. It is the place where we work on various projects, get new ideas, and implement them and so on. Hence, there is no reason why we should leave it plain and boring.

Just like our other things, house, clothes our desk should reflect our personality. So here we have simple and creative ideas that will keep you inspired at all times.

#1 Cute File Organizer

If you are CA, Lawyer, accountant or on a position in which you have to manage a lot of files, then an organizer will be a lifesaver for you! You can keep all your paperwork separated and organized, this will make your work a lot easier.

#2 Cute Notebooks

If you have to make notes that is a good thing, or if you are in habit of writing almost everything, from Skype calls with the client at 10 o’clock in the morning to diving your work in the evening for the weekend, well in the case notebooks design for making notes will work best as an organizer.

#3 Spray Paint

Simple buy spray bottles in chic colours or the colours you like, rose gold and gold are the most liked one. You can also try hands-on mint green and pink. If you like colors you can spray paint your mug, table, table- stands edges or bulletin board and drawers.

#4 Mousepads

Slash some colors on your table, by adding funky and colorful mouse pads.

#5 Revamp your bulletin board

Everyone has a bulletin board, you must be having the one. Decorate your board with a light fabric in a cheerful color and pin on your favorite Polaroid shots, inspirational quotes or pictures of loved ones along with your to-do list.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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