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We all have seen a lot of different animals, small, big, flying, swimming, but do you know about the animals who are almost invisible. Yes, seeing them with your naked eyes is not that easy, as some of them are completely transparent. Thank god that most of them do not live on the land, otherwise we would have been living with them without knowing that they are with us, and even that feel is scary as hell. We might not have seen all of these animals ( not have seen, it so much connects with the main context of the article as well.) Most of us would be like how the hell is this even possible? How can something be invisible? Well, this is only possible with the light travelling or bending through the body, and these are some of the animals who do it, and cannot be seen that easily.

Glass Octopus
Glass Octopus is completely transparent, but some of the parts outside and inside of the animal is visible that is eyes, guts, and optic nerves.

The tomopteris deep sea worm
They are also completely transparent, and also release a glowing part of their body making the predators chase the dispelled body part.

Cranchiidae or glass squid
Except their big eyes everything is invisible, but with a trick of producing light beneath their eyes the squid makes themselves become completely invisible.

Sea salp
This barrel shaped swims and feeds themselves at the same time while being completely transparent.

The glasswing butterfly
The only one in the list that is not from the sea is the glasswing butterfly, they not completely but almost transparent when they are flying around.

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- Rajat Priyam
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