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Cupcakes are so delicious and there each form or every flavor is super tasty, and this is the reason that why people (including me!) love having cupcakes. And after watching the ice-cream cupcake, you are going to have a blast in your mind. This is delicious and can make your day best for sure.

At a glance, the cake might seem difficult, but cupcakes are not, and if it is about baking ice-cream cupcakes, you don’t have to take much pain they can be baked easily.

So, let us jump to the recipe:

Ingredients you will need:
• Melted Chocolate (dark, white and strawberry)
• Cake Batter
• Ramekin cups
• Cupcake paper
• Ice-cream
• Whipped cream
• Waffle
• Sprinkles/Choco chips


Pour half batter in all the ramekin cups and bake cupcakes according to the batter. Now take melted chocolates and brush two coats of all these three melted chocolate flavors in cupcake papers. Now you need to refrigerate these for two hours to set them.
Note: Take plain chocolate and avoid melting fruit and nut chocolate flavor or raisin chocolate, because it may cause trouble while spreading.

Now unbox your ice-cream box, you can choose any flavor of your choice. Peel the paper from frozen chocolate cups and put the baked cake in it. Pour some ice-cream to top it and then complete it with whipped cream and sparkle some sprinkles and waffle.

And you are done! Enjoy your cute ice-cream cupcakes with your friends, kids or you can even serve them when hosting a house party.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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