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Pictures are the best way to reveal what we actually feel and love, and graphic designer, comic artist and cat lover Juliette knows the right way to use pictures to express what most of us experience on a daily basis. Juliette shares with us her everyday moments in comic strips that many of us would relate to.

The artist depicts her own daily struggles as a girl, on her Instagram account. Scroll down and see them for yourself.

There may not be an eclipse, but there is a lot of birds and clouds to be seen.

Girls exactly know what is more important.

That is soooo relatable, forgetting your name at most various instances and wondering how stupid I am.

Haha!! There is always extra space in your stomach for pizza no matter what.

Why pets don't respond to what we say? I need answers you little kitty.

Kitties are always up for food. All you need to do is rattle the box and she would come runnning to you.

Relationship goals!! Bliss. Bliss

Siri helps you fight boredom like always.

Blue shadows are always risky.

Wait...what is the future??? When is it??? WILL I DIE???

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Source - BoredPanda
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