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The long lost ruins and abandoned places intrigue everyone; there is always a sense of realism and nostalgia attached to these places that excites all of us. And, let us all agree this that the sunlight looks a bit different and enchanting when it is made to fall upon the dusty ruins, right?

Well, a talented photographer who goes by the name - James Kerwin, has just lived this imaginative scenario. He went to different abandoned places in Europe and tried capturing the touch of sunlight on the ruins. About the experience he says: “After four years shooting a variety of genres such as weddings and events, I stumbled across architecture photography in late 2013, and I have been shooting inside abandoned spaces and buildings ever since. One of my favourite style of images is to capture light rays as they burst into these buildings, something that adds to the aesthetic and ambience in my photos. These are the ten highlights of the last 5 years, shot right across Europe but Italy is a country that features heavily, the light there is special.”

Here are some of the best photos that he managed to get:-

1). Broken-down In Pieces!

2). Can There Be Something More Alluring?

3). The Chapel With The Light

4). Flirting With The Blues

5).And Here Is my Favourite One From The Lot. Titled: Walk Into The Light

Well, looking at these pictures provokes me to ditch this content writing job and immediately get a camera to pursue architecture photography because this stuff is so happening, eh!
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- Shivam
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