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Breast cancer one of the most searched about cancer across the world still remains neglected. The earliest way of being ensured about the breast cancer is having a precise idea about how your breasts look because it is crucial to ensure that your breasts are healthy.
Breast cancer which happens when tissues around the breasts grow abnormally forming lump or thickening around the breasts. One crucial thing that should not be neglected is the change in shape, size or the appearance of your breasts.
On world cancer day we have tried to bust some of the myths surrounding the breast cancer so that complete knowledge about the same would help in preventing it.
Myths V/S FACTS About Breast Cancer
1. MYTH- No one in your family has breast cancer mean you cannot get it.
2.MYTH- Sugar causes breast cancer.
3.MYTH- Breast cancer affects only women
4.MYTH- Breast Cancer cannot be treated
5. MYTH-Wearing deodorant causes breast cancer
So spread about it before it's too late.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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