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Everyone knows about PUBG Mobile, the most popular battle royale game for smartphones. Some of the people play it on their phones, and some prefer to play it on their computers. Those who have the experience of playing third-person shooting or first-person shooting on the computer do not like the mobile shooting experience. This is the reason that people prefer playing PUBG Mobile on the emulator, it comes with the name Tencent Gaming Buddy. With the mouse, and keyboard the accuracy is a lot more just as playing the games like Counter-Strike, and Fortnite.

But when it comes to playing the game with a controller, things are a bit different. Whether you want to play the game on a computer or mobile but the eagerness to use a game controller like a real gamer has come to the mind of each and every player. We already know that controllers are great for playing the racing games, or any other game but shooting is a bit different. If you have the PUBG PC, or XBOX One then the controller can work well but with the emulator or on the mobile phone we highly recommend that you don’t use it.

You will struggle with your aim so much that it can irritate you a lot before getting you killed. While playing on phone use the touch, and while playing on the emulator use mouse and keyboard. Game controllers are great for other games but when it comes to TPS and FPS, nothing beats the accuracy of the Keyboard and Mouse combo. So, we recommend controller only with PUBG PC and PUBG for XBOX One because the game has been developed according to the controller support unlike forcing the game to get the gamepad support.

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- Rajat Priyam
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