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An Athlete gives his sweat and blood to earn respect for his/her country. They work day in and day out to let the ‘Tiranga’ sway above all but are we doing enough for them?
Well, these heart-breaking stories of famous athletes will give you an answer:-

1). Makhan Singh

The 1962 Asian Games wonder Makhan Singh who earned a silver medal for his country was forgotten very easily. He had to drive a truck to meet his needs and eventually he died of a cardiac arrest in 2002 and no one cared to notice.

2). Sarwan Singh

The man won a freaking gold medal in 110m hurdles race but his achievements fell short when, after short-lived fame, he had to struggle to get a job and live in extreme poverty. He even rode a taxi for his livelihood. When situations got worse he was forced to sell his gold medal as well.

3). Santhi Soundarajan

The first Tamil woman to win a medal (silver in 800m race) at the Asian Games was forced to work at a brick kiln along with her parents because no one dared to heed attention to this marvellous achiever’s condition.

4). Shankar Lakshman

The man who played a pivotal role in the silver-winning hockey team in the Asian Games of 1958 had to spend most of his days in distress. His hard work could earn him a lifetime total of INR 25000, all of it was spent on his gangrene treatment. He eventually passed away in 2006.

5). Bir Bahadur

If one of the best midfielders of the country is forced to take up a job of selling ‘Pani Puri’, you know something’s wrong with the country. The man played an important role in India's 1966 Asian Games football event but his achievements were neglected so much that eventually, he started HATING the game he LOVED.

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- Shivam
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