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If you are a fitness freak, you know what it is like to have those big monstrous guns. Not just they build up the self-confidence but make you look really good as well. People generally work hard on their biceps but neglect triceps, which is the gravest mistake you are doing.
Here are three easy breezy triceps exercises to get you guns like a monster: -

1). Close Grip Bench Press

This thing is done on a normal flat bench where you hold the barbell with a close grip, in a way that the stress is applied on your triceps muscle. The distance between the hands will be the distance that matches a little more than both thumbs placed together on the bar.

2). Skull Crusher

This exercise is done by using an EZ Bar because of the lateral shape. You need to bring a normal flat bench and position your arms in a ninety-degree angle whilst holding the bar. Now, Slowly lower the barbell towards your head till it reaches just above your face and then push it back to where you started.

3). Overhead Extension

This exercise can be performed with help of a dumbbell, this exercise tends to focus on strengthening your long head of triceps which is very important to get big guns. Most of the times people neglect this portion, which they should not. Another variation of this exercise includes using both hands and a single hand to lift the dumbbell.

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- Shivam
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