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If you are a wrestling buff like me, you must have tried the legendary Rock eyebrow raise once in your life, right?
Such is the charisma of the man – Dwayne Johnson. This versatile creature has achieved so much in life that his life looks nothing less than a dream. He is almost an open book and people love to know about the electrifying figure, so here are some of the most interesting rock solid facts about our very own ‘THE ROCK’:-

1). Dwayne was destined to become a pro wrestler as his grandfather and father, both were legendary wrestlers. Hence, the talent comes naturally to him.

2). While the man has been rewarded with the title of ‘Sexiest Man Alive’, he wasn’t always very confident about his personality. He mentions that he had acne breakouts and his size was so large that he would often scare people.

3). Dwayne has studied criminology and physiology in Miami and wanted to join FBI. He told Rolling Stone, “I wanted to work for either the FBI or CIA” but he dropped the plan when he got to know that he might need a law degree as well to join the organisation.

4). The wrestling legend was initially hated by fans and people would bully him and call him names when he used to have a match. Those negative comments helped him develop the alter-ego ‘The Rock’ and the rest is history.

5). Dwayne got his first touch with acting in 1999 when he appeared in an episode of “That ’70s Show,” in which he played his real-life father, Rocky Johnson.

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- Shivam
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