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Disclaimer or Waring or Whatever (because you won't listen), anyways, - This article contains graphic information that can cause panic/horror to insensitive readers. Scroll further at your own risk.

Torture in itself is a brutal word that develops a sense of dread in oneself. The world has its own history with tortures or punishment forced upon criminals, and many of them are surprisingly creative in their own way. From one of the most common, that is hanging to death to the most painful that is boiling to death, capital punishments can cross hight of cruelty and in this article, we will witness the most painful and horribly dreading punishments history has ever known.

The Brazen Bull
Also known as the Sicilian Bull, this art of torturing and killing was designed in ancient Greece wherein the victim is placed inside the metallic bull, and a fire is ignited underneath. The victim would then slowly roasted to death as the metal will turn red. Notingly, the bull is specifically designed to amplify the screams of the person inside making them sound like the bellowing bull.

Flaying means literally pealing the skin from the human body. You might have seen dead animals getting skinned, but this torture in the early ages is human being skinned alive. This method of torture was pretty famous in Mesopotamia. Similarly, people were also punished by getting chunks of flesh removed from their body.

Sawed in Halves
In this method, the victim is hung upside down and sawed slowly into halves. This method of execution was used in different parts of the world like the Roman Empire, Spain, and in parts of Asia. Most were cut up only in their abdomen to lengthen the pain.

Impalement was done using pole, spear, hook or stake during the middle ages. Especially people convicted of crimes against the state would be punished like this. Different clefts of the body would be drilled for different crimes in this disturbing method, that would eventually lead to a painful death.

Boiling to Death
Getting burned alive still remains the most painful way to die. However, in the early age victims were drenched in oil or water till death. Though it was not as popular as other methods were still had its own audience in Europe and Asia.

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